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Studio Hours By Appointment
The kitchen is starting to look like the kitchen we planned! Thank you so very much for your patience. I would not have survived this without you! You are fantastic.
How we work
Every beautiful kitchen starts with a great design. We feel you are best served by focusing on design first. The process begins with meeting you and discussing your goals and how you will be using your new space. When you visit our studio you will get a sense of who we are and what we have to offer. You can stop in our studio and browse, but if you would like to spend some time with a designer, we recommend that you contact us for an appointment. After our initial meeting, we will start the design process.
Just as our studio is a bit unique, so is our technique...
Our designs start with conceptual drawings, and as we proceed, the drawings and details become more refined. We work on an hourly basis, and you can proceed with the designs as you feel comfortable. There is a small deposit for us to start developing designs, then we take it step by step.
We can provide working plans/elevations, perspective drawings, "interior views," home consultations and specific design services (i.e. tile layouts and consultation, lighting plans, etc.). All plans that we generate belong to you. This approach gives you the flexibility to taylor our services to your needs.
Designing and comparing cabinetry for your new kitchen can be a confusing process. We believe in keeping the process simple, and have found this is the most cost effective way of providing the best service to our clients. This end result is a substantial savings on your cabinetry and related products.